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Our endeavor is to design and develop products for startups across the globe, and play a role in shaping their triumphant narrative.

    Embarking On A Startup Venture

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    Proof-of-concept Development

    Our approach involves utilizing market research to understand your unique product concept that has yet to be tested or assessed in the market. By creating a proof of concept, we can assess technical feasibility and effectively present the project to potential investors.

    Prototyping - A preliminary version-SFS-icon

    Prototyping - A preliminary version

    Once the POC has yielded positive results, we move forward with prototyping. Our team will design the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) to provide a visual representation of how your product will be utilized by end-users. They will analyze project workflows, determine which features to include in the prototype, and address any research and design concerns.

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    Release Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Our development team will utilize the MVP to gain insights, make improvements, and analyze which changes are necessary to create a full-scale product. This approach allows you to conduct market testing and receive valuable feedback that can inform your company's strategy.


    Phase of Scaling and Rapid Growth

    The emphasis is not solely on the MVP, but on achieving scalability and framing everything with a long-term perspective. This involves growth hacking through various means such as customer satisfaction, retention, conversion, and innovation, utilizing data-driven implementation, personalization & intelligence, test automation, and re-engineering.

    Client Stories


    The MVP allows you to develop the primary product with minimal investment and in a short time frame. This approach can result in sales growth, which can then be utilized for further research and the addition of features based on user feedback. As a result, developing an MVP is crucial in building a complete project.

    Launching your product without a solid technical foundation can result in errors. In these circumstances, it is advisable to rely on a specialized MVP development company. By conveying your concept and entrusting the work to Inventam Tech Solution, you can shift your focus to other critical aspects of your business. 

    Firstly, establish a list of objectives and budgetary constraints. Then, search for companies that specialize in MVP development services for startups. Take into account which technologies would be most beneficial for your project’s future. Finally, select and enlist the services of the most suitable MVP development partner for your startup.

    The PoC (proof of concept) serves as a means of assessing the viability of transforming a technological idea into a reality, prior to investing resources in the development phase. It serves to minimize the risks involved in attempting something new.

    Prototyping is a crucial process in which design teams transform their ideas into tangible forms, ranging from paper to digital. The teams create prototypes with varying degrees of fidelity to capture design concepts and test them on users, enabling them to experiment and refine their ideas.

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    Our goal is to provide web application solutions that prioritize clients and customers, resulting in concrete business outcomes that support brands in today’s dynamic digital environment. We offer an innovative development approach, a flexible engagement model, and a user-oriented ideology, ensuring that we are a one-stop-shop for all your development and hosting needs. With a focus on superior performance, we guarantee our solutions will outperform the competition while meeting all necessary security compliance standards. In addition, we offer post-launch support and maintenance to ensure that our solutions remain viable over time. Our solutions are always ready to launch, providing you with a streamlined and effective solution for your business needs.

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