What Is The Podium?

The Podium aggregates sports news from across the world just for you. Get your fix in 10 seconds or less! For the sports enthusiast on the move. We get it! For some Roger Federer is the GOAT, for others it is Lewis Hamilton. Get the news that you are interested in. Prioritise your favorite sports so they come first! Or let our AI/ML enabled app do it for you!

Flip, save and share! Scroll the news with a simple flip. We gather content from a wide array of sources, so you will have access to the latest news at all times. Save articles and go through them whenever you please or share it with your sporting bud at the tap of a button.


Finding Reliable Data Sources: The First Challenge Is Finding Reliable Data Sources For Our Sports News Application. There Are Many Sources Available Online, But Not All Of Them Provide High-Quality And Accurate Data.

Handling Data In Different Formats: Sports Data Can Come In Different Formats Such As XML, JSON, CSV, And HTML.

Scraping Data From Websites: Scraping Sports Data From Websites Can Be A Challenge Due To The Varying Formats And Structures Of Different Websites. Additionally, Some Websites May Have Security Measures In Place To Prevent Scraping.

Rate Limiting And API Access: Some APIs And Data Sources May Have Limits On The Number Of Requests You Can Make In A Certain Period.


Use Reputable Data Sources: Research And Use Reputable Sources For Your Sports Data. This Will Ensure That Your Data Is Accurate And Up-To-Date.

Use Data Conversion Tools: Use Data Conversion Tools Such As Python Libraries To Handle Different Data Formats And Convert Them To A Format That Your Application Can Use.

Use Web Scraping Tools: Use Web Scraping Tools Such As BeautifulSoup And Scrapy To Extract Data From Websites. Be Sure To Respect Websites’ Terms Of Service And Any Security Measures They Have In Place.

Monitor API Usage And Implement Rate Limiting: Monitor Your API Usage To Ensure That You Are Not Exceeding Limits. Implement Rate Limiting In Your Application To Prevent Excessive Requests And Ensure That You Are Not Blocked By APIs And Data Sources.

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Finding reliable data sources: find reputable sources that can provide the data we need. Handling data in different formats: All formats and convert them to a format that your application can use.

Rate limiting and API access: ensure that we are not exceeding these limits and that your application is handling rate limiting properly.

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