What Is Luminaree?

This project basically serves as a platform for educational purposes. Here the teachers can upload their educational or informational videos or arrange webinars. The students can schedule or book any online classes and make payment for the same.

Luminaree is an Edtech platform. It allows the students to get registered and then buy any online course/ classes according to their requirement.


The Client Had An Existing Website But Wanted An Enhancement Along With New Idea With A Better UI And Fast To Go To Market


We Provided A One Stop Solution From Scratch Using NEXT JS As Frontend Technology And Node JS At The Backend. We Incorporated Zoom To Offer The Online Classes Facility

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Luminaree's Product


They can pay for the class through a stripe payment gateway. The teachers can also register themselves. The Superadmin can validate the teacher. Teacher can then create courses / classes for his/her particular subject. Once the courses are created a zoom meeting link is automatically generated for that particular course. Admin panel is provided for the role management.