What Is Canopi?

The project pitches the banking market and its customer base. It serves as a platform to onboard its users and offer financial services.

Canopi is a platform which provides end users / tenants / partners to avail financing opportunities. It offers the onboarding facility for the users. Once the user is onboarded, he can manage his profile, set the 2FA authentication , select the products for which he/ she wants to apply for loan or other financing options.


They Wanted To Have A Quick Easy To Use And Secure Platform.

They Wanted To Have A Secure Site As It Contained Banking Info And Documents

They Proposed To Provide Proper Validation For The Id Proofs That The User Uploads


We Offered Them The Next Js Tech Stack Using Ssr To Better Address Their Problem As It Renders The Page Faster And Gives A Good User Experience

We Disabled The Right Click Options On The Site. We Stopped The Copy And Paste Functionality For The Passwords Fields. We Used Jwt Tokens For Authenticating

We Implemented The Digi Locker For Uploading The Id Proof

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Canopi's Product


He can check eligibility for the loan and submit the required documents. Digi locker integration is also provided. The project also has SuperAdmin and tenant roles. The tenant can add partners and even set up custom onboarding forms for its users. Separate custom built email template is provided for the ease of sending reminder mails to the users. Tenants can set a custom logo which needs to be approved by the SuperAdmin.

SuperAdmin has all the rights reserved. He can visualise all the registered tenants , its users , all the products and financing option details. SuperAdmin can approve or reject the logo.