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Why Laravel is More Special Compared to Other Frameworks?

PHP is the most popular & oldest web development language, and Laravel is the best PHP framework to build large and complex websites for different businesses. It offers more powerful web development services in comparison to other PHP frameworks. That’s why most of the developers prefer it to get a productive web apps development. Selecting the right framework for your app is a difficult aspect of the initial stages of project development. Laravel development services are including so many tools and features to enhance web apps. It’s not like those CMS, or eCommerce frameworks, which will satisfy your specific needs. You can build a perfectly working CMS or Ecommerce Web application.

Why Laravel is more special for development?

1. Simple to Start:

Why people start with Laravel is, it’s simple to get started. If you have just the basics of PHP knowledge, you can easily develop 5 pages website just a few times. The most important benefit of choosing Laravel is its capabilities to provide high-level security for your web application. This means, no risk of unintentional and hidden SQL injections for your web application. It provides excellent performance of web app. As you can see day-by-day certain features and functions affect the performance of the website, but Laravel offers so many tools which help developers to increase their performances.

2. Emerging Faster:

According to Google trends, Laravel is the best & most used framework that can handle many big projects easily. That’s why many companies have already adopted this framework.

3. Open Sourcing:

Laravel is a free open-source framework. This will allow you to build large & complex web applications easily. You just need a text editor & PHP installation to get started.

4. Community Support:

As being a developer, you always stuck with many development-related problems. But, if there is someone who can guide you, the development would be less painful. Its large community makes it a stronger player among others. Like if you report any bug or security breach in the framework, the response of the community is quick.

5. Security:

A high level of security is the most important benefit for your web application development. So, if you choose Laravel, your web application presents no risk of unintentional and hidden SQL injections. It will also provide excellent performance with the security of web applications. Its ORM uses PDO which prevents SQL injections and CSRF protection prevents cross-site request forgery. To prevent cross-site scripting, its syntax automatically escapes any HTML entities being passed via view parameters. You just have to use the proper components of the framework.

6. Database Migration:

Migration is the best feature of Laravel which allows you to maintain the database structure of the application without re-creating. Migration allows you to write PHP code to control the Database instead of using SQL and rollback the most recent changes you made to the Database.

7. Easy Testing:

Testing is the most important thing for any application before it’s launching for the end-users. Sometimes new changes and updates can break systems unexpectedly. Laravel provides a facility for unit testing and runs many tests to ensure the stability of an application.

8. Object-Oriented Libraries:

Because of having object-oriented libraries, Laravel is called the best PHP framework. It has also pre-installed libraries which are not found in any other PHP framework. Pre-installed libraries are the authentication library which is packed with great features for easy to use and implement for every developer.

9. Community Strength:

The community of Laravel developers continuously provides support to make it more flexible and scalable. So, if you are providing complex functionalities, so much documentation is at your disposal.

10. Unit Tests:

With the help of unit testing, every module of your web application is tested before the website goes live. Testing’s are ensuring the high-performance, bug-free, and ultimately hassle-free website/application for your end-users.

11. Templating Engine:

Laravel has a blade template engine that allows you to use plain PHP code without adding any overhead to your application. There are two major benefits of using blades, Template Inheritance b & sections. Blade engine facilitates to Define sections, Extend views, Echo & escaping Conditional statements, Looping & Includes.

12. URL Generate:

URL generation is also the advantage of Laravel, which helps to built links in your models. Users want to see the desired content after clicking the links like an article, product description, different pages, etc… But, it’s not possible without the help of URL routing. Laravel framework provides a very simple route description strategy by simply accepting a URL and a closure.

13. Message Integration:

Message integration service is another benefit of Laravel. It used to send notifications to inform the users of different events that occur. It provides drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, PHP’s email function, and Amazon SES, which allow an application to start quickly.

14. Task Scheduling:

Task scheduling is another function of Laravel. An addition to the Artisan command-line utility allows programmatic scheduling of periodically executed tasks. The scheduler internally relies on the cron daemon to run a single Artisan job and in turn, executes the configured tasks.

15. Events and Broadcasting:

Broadcasting is the concept of Laravel which used in modern web applications to implement real-time data, showing live feeds, etc. It also allows you to share the same event name between your server-side and client-side, and then you will be able to pull real-time data from the application.

All the features we explained in this blog are out-of-the-box features of the Laravel framework. They all are most suitable for all kinds of web application development. So, if you have any kind of business like small, medium, or large, Laravel is the best choice. It offers easy code so you can create a business application with complexity. It also provides lots of built-in functionalities that allow developers to work with ease. You can access lots of tools and services that can help in creating unique and quality web applications.

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