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Major DevOps Trends That Rule in 2021

The understanding of DevOps deepens with every passing year leading to the newest techniques, tools, and processes which bring developers and IT operations close together. In 2020, we had seen a number of examples of successful DevOps initiatives across small and large enterprises. Enterprises are not only showing interest in DevOps but are gradually adopting DevOps-related practices and technologies. And the new brings customer and business expectations for unstoppable speed with accuracy, reliability, and security without failing for all code continues to become more tightly integrated with development lifecycles and operations workflows.

The aim is to create a working environment in which building, testing, and deploying software can occur quickly, reliably, and frequently. But what can we expect for the future of DevOps 2021? As 2021 is here, our sentiments are always changing, therefore it’s the right time to reflect on the way people are looking at DevOps. Knowing the top trends of the coming year can help you stay ahead of the competition and improve how your teams work to achieve goals faster and deploy new features, security patches, and bug fixes. As thought leaders in the DevOps community, we believe the following six trends will shape this year of DevOps across the globe.

1. Automation – The Major Focus:

Automation is an important part of DevOps. The DevOps teams should seek automation possibilities to speed up the development process. Because, the use of automation is at every stage starting from planning to build, test, release, deploy, provision, configure, and monitor. In 2021, the main aim is to reduce human intervention to a minimum by fully automating the development processes by using available data and combining it with systems that are intelligent enough to analyze it and produce actionable inputs. Zero-touch automation is going to be the future. We can expect systems that will act on these inputs automatically. Let’s get to the next trend which is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

2. Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning both were recently rated as the most critical role in next-generation IT operations and DevOps teams. Artificial intelligence will give DevOps teams the ability to analyze more data faster, allowing them to improve key processes, tasks, and decision-making. In 2021, expect to see lots of DevOps teams adopting these tools, which automate the ingestion of fast volumes of data, using machine learning to analyze the data, and have the ability to leverage knowledge for automation or decision making. The artificial intelligence market has already gained momentum, with 22 percent of IT enterprises using machine learning and data sciences as part of their work. While smaller organizations are probably able to handle their data with existing human teams, larger enterprises will naturally produce more data, making artificial intelligence and machine-learning a beneficial option.

3. Serverless Architecture Migration:

In our previous blogs, we already mentioned the serverless architecture that how it can empower DevOps to its highest potential. Server maintenance is tedious work that is a significant draw on developer time and company resources. Serverless architecture allows the software developers to concentrate their focus on the application. Two critical aspects of serverless architecture are BaaS and FaaS. With these two joining hands, DevOps can save time, ensure resilient workflow, and cut down costs. Organizations are increasingly migrating away from on-premise server farms to the cloud and will be a major trend of 2021.

4. Moving from Monoliths to Microservices:

Microservices break apart huge, unwieldy applications into smaller components which allow each application to have its own microservice, simplifying release and especially roll-backs. If we are talking about the “Monoliths”, it’s simple to develop, test, and deploy, but too complex over time, making bugs increasingly difficult to fix. As organizations need to reduce the complexity of their applications, shifting to microservices this time. With this shifting, organizations can keep up with customer demand without the disruptions that you would encounter with altering a monolithic application. It’s got features out to the market faster as soon as they are production-ready.

5. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps on a Symbiotic Relationship:

Many organizations, engineers will conflate the use of DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE). Because, when they will start working on it, they recognized that SRE and DevOps, both have very different disciplines. The knowledge and expertise of both functions are continuing to grow in 2021. DevOps is a mindset methodology for tightened collaboration between developers and operations teams while SRE is a more specific technical expertise held by engineers. Site reliability engineers (SRE) are tasked with writing code and applying software development solutions to IT operations and infrastructure problems. DevOps is a cultural shift toward greater transparency and collaboration from product development to testing to production upkeep. Today, lots of businesses are learning how SRE and DevOps work together to drive resilient continuous deployment pipelines.

6. Rising of Kubernetes:

Kubernetes has turned out to be the best container management tool developed by Google. It can manage load-testing websites, create staging environments, and move business applications into production. Companies are struggling with deploying, managing, connecting, and updating a large number of containers. If teams have not tool to manage their containers can quickly become overwhelmed trying to orchestrate them and may fail to meet business demands. The Kubernetes ecosystem is always producing the best of breed solutions and the flexibility, scalability, automation, portability and high availability offered are booming financial and operational benefits. Kubernetes has gained massive popularity since the mid-2010s and will continue its vogue into the 2021s.

If you are still not using any of these top six trends for DevOps, then it’s time to make that your new year’s resolution. As continuous improvement is the core of DevOps, lots of companies are not at the same level of engineering and IT maturity. So, if you’re not considering any of these six trends, we still encourage you to try new processes, test some new tools and don’t be afraid of failure. Lots of works still remain in 2020 to aid in the future of DevOps adoption. It requires more than focusing on tools and techniques. Failure in the development process is the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t for you and your team. We’re hopeful that some of these trends will be realized this year, and that DevOps will be recognized as a new way of working. If you want to save your time while developing the DevOps for your clients, Inventam Tech Solution is the famous name as DevOps development company in Surat, India who provides the complete DevOps development services to fulfill your or your client’s requirements. To get help onboarding the latest in DevOps at your company, contact Hareen Desai, CTO, at


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