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What is the Scope Of Full Stack Development in FUTURE?

Today, while we are talking about the Full Stack Development, it refers to the front-end and back-end development of an application. And the full stack developers are in high demand because they are managing all the aspects of the development process including user experience and data maintenance along with client-side and server-side software. No firm would like to hire different developers for software/application development services. Full Stack Developers reduce the need to hire different developers for software/application development. They translate the user requirements into the overall architecture and implement the new systems accordingly. In this blog, we are going to explain the future scope of full-stack development.

The Scope Of Full Stack Development:

Today, full-stack development becomes quite popular because of its powerful libraries which are easy and faster to do the development. It was past when the developers learned the specific technology to master that. But with full-stack, a single developer can handle multiple things. Before few years, the process of website development was too long from Photoshop to the Staging Server. But, full-stack development has reduced 3 times lesser the process. It’s not about just the website development, we can achieve so many purposes through this platform. Few crucial examples are given below:

Uses  of Multiple Technologies For A Project:

Full Stack Development has its own perks so the developer can work with this technology in different languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. When it comes to working as a full-stack developer, it needs experience as well as expertise in all these languages. It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that the website looks well and performs as expected. Full Stack development also features a developer to work on converting photoshop designs into front-end code, even also working with animation and graphics.

Pure Coding with Preferred Tools:

Full Stack developers are using the tools and technologies as per their choice for creating and designing the unique code. It creates endless opportunities for developers because they are not restricted to a certain set of tools while the development of websites, applications, and software. Let’s have a look at the advantages of Full Stack development:

1. Easy to Switch – Full Stack developer plays the dual role of front-end and back-end developer based upon the project requirements. As all the roles and responsibilities are performed by a single person turns out to be a cost and time saver for a business. That’s why you just need to go to a single point of contact when there is a need for any kind of fixture.

2. Smooth Designing & Development – The best part of working with the Full Stack developer is no restriction while the development. Even also the developer can work on the entire design and perform the necessary updates. Just like the experience of the developer takes care of the common errors and bugs beforehand.

3. Cost-Effective – Hiring a dedicated front-end developer and a back-end developer will shoot up the cost of development for a project. But a full stack developer can perform the roles and responsibilities of both. Infect the latter may surpass the efficiency of the former.

4. Designing & Implementation – A professional Full Stack developer takes responsibility for the design and development of the project. All the necessary resources are available in-house that’s why the developer is able to perform his tasks with full potential.

5. Simple & Easy Updates – A full stack developer always keeps up with the latest trends of the digital sphere as his armor, that’s why he is able to grab the updates as soon as they appear on the market. The developer has complete knowledge of all aspects keeping up with technological trends faster than someone.

6. Customizable Workflows – The Full Stack Development makes it possible to arrange the designing and development tasks customizable to the process as per requirement. Developers can also switch to any other task as per the need of the project.

7. All-In-One Solution – A full stack developer is not able to only find out the root cause of a problem, he also able to provide solutions for any kind of major issue. It’s possible with his diverse knowledge of tools and technologies that are used for development.

Responsibilities Of A Full-Stack Developer:

The skills and expertise needed to efficiently perform as per the change in everything needed to develop the website, application & software. However, to make the most out of the robust technology, a developer should know:

  • Developers should have sound knowledge of media queries and single-page applications.
  • Developers should know common streamlining tools such as Browserify and Grunt.
  • Developers should know the core web frameworks and able to work with CSS, JS, SQL, and NoSQL.
  • Developers should have expertise in handling model relations and can be implementing advanced queries.
  • Developers should know how to deploy a custom code on AWS EC2 with Apache2 or Nginx.
  • Developers should have hands-on experience with Docker and Virtualization.
  • Developers should be able in automating release cycles with open source automation tools, such as Ansible.
  • Developers should have sound knowledge of developing hybrid mobile apps with JS.
  • Developer should be able to seamlessly switch one domain to another, or a legacy technology to another.

Below is the list of Technologies a Full Stack Developer should Embrace:

For Front-End – HTML5 | JavaScript | JQuery | CSS3 2

For Back-End – SQL | Ruby On Rails | PHP | Angular 2 | Python | Node.Js | .Net

For Database – MySQL | MongoDB| CouchDB | MS SQL

For Version Control – GIT | Grunt | Xdebug | Subversion

For Project Management Tools – Basecamp | Jira | Trello | Redmine | Teamwork

Full Stack Development is a revolutionary technology and the developers of Inventam Tech Solution are readily exploring their potential of creating robust websites and applications for our clients. We are following the standard process that takes all the 3 layers – Presentation, Business Logic, and Database. The best part of our organization is that the developers are not restricted to work on a certain set of tools, frameworks, and handpick the resources of their choices. Our full-stack developer in Surat, India also able to help you provide custom full-stack development services and more has led us to serve our clients better as a full stack development company.

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