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The State of User Experience (UX) Design Guide to look for in 2020

We always have discussed the 2020 year as the ICONIC YEAR by participating in at least one “2020 vision” project within our companies. Every year, new trends are making their way into the design scene. Some are older that already have been developed, but others are brand spanking new. If you read any of previous blogs, you know this is not a blog about UI trends, but rather an analysis of UX Design as a discipline. Today, no industries are as fast as the UX design industry. That’s why the scope of this industry is far-reaching with multitudes of trends, techniques, and methods every year. The user experience (UX) controls the overall digital encounter of the users. And the evolution of technology in the field of design in every industry isolating or even listing the impacts of UX design is a tough assignment.

The design industry is consistently evolving, that’s why you should explore the latest trends and collaboration with the present-day. When it comes to defining design trends, biometrics & facial recognition, and refining the established concepts with new technologies and innovations are completely new and groundbreaking concepts. In 2018-19, UX design started redefining the ideologies of human interaction with digital devices like Bird and Lenovo Mirage Solo to Samsung Flip and VR-based and AR-powered Merge 6DoF Blaster. Considering all these innovative devices, we can say that the world of design will keep evolving. From a business website to mobile applications can make or break operations. The User Experience is an all-encompassing concept like a journey and not a destination.

What does User Experience (UX) Actually Mean? The User Experience (UX) is how a user feels when they interact with the products such as software, applications, or websites. However, the meaning can be the difference between success and failure, a product with a great User Experience (UX) makes our lives easier and feel better. In 1955, as the wireless remote gave us full control of our televisions, mobile phones have gone from featuring monophonic ringtones and snake to revolutionizing in recent times. 2019 provided many advances in User Experience (UX), 2020 seeks to improve on so many advancements.

The User Experience (UX) Design Trends Prediction for the Year 2020:

Every year, User Experience (UX) Design Trends and techniques almost change. The principles might stay the same, but the trends are always evolving the technological methods. With the rising of tech devices, the demands for better digital experience and solutions have been also increased. Its a must for designers to stay in touch with the upcoming User Experience (UX) trends to meet the rising demands. The list of changes we are expecting to see in 2020 are given below:

  • The inclusion of device agnosticism in designing concepts
  • The surfacing demand for User Experience (UX) writer
  • Ethical yet predict the responsiveness of Web & Mobile Design
  • The apprehension of user-centeredness
  • Uncovering the fascinating potentials of Voice UI (VUI)
  • Obsolescence of one-size-fits-all theory

1. Voice Commands- the New Interface Controller- Voice technology is the fastest growing and rapidly spreading technology in the world. As the voice-controlled devices becoming commonplace, the User Experience (UX) designers need to shift from screen-controlled to voice-activated ideas and concepts. The accessibility and widespread uses of smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home, designers should include voice-command features in their User Experience (UX) design. The transformation from screen-controlled User Experience (UX) Design to voice-controlled interfaces is more seamless and swifter than your expectations.

2. Personalization of User Experience (UX)- Personalization of UX means creating a UX system that can identify the specific type of users and deliver or suggest the content relevant to that type of user. Personalization introduces a real-time individuality to the websites or applications. But, when personalizing any website or application, the designer must anticipate the needs and requirements of the users. The main objective of personalization is using the information and technology to control all the behind the scene processes and methods to shape a user experience in real-time. In simpler words, Personalization is all about anticipation.

3. The role of User Experience (UX) Writers in Content- The role of UX writer is to compose the content and text that users can see while scrolling or browsing through a website, apps, or software. They have also penned down the content to pull-down menus, on-screen text, error-generation messages, help text, and other similar types of content. Another important job of the UX writer is to communicate the website’s branding. The UX writer works in collaboration with the UX designing team. So, being skilled in technical writing is a must-have requirement for UX writer. It’s also important for UX writers can summarize complex concepts into a few words.

4. Augment Reality to define the Future Prospects- When it comes to rapid advancement, Augment Reality (AR) has surpassed virtual reality in lots of ways. From Pokemon Go to open source apps with solutions like Apple’s ARKit, Augment Reality (AR) has been changed the User Experience (UX) design practices. It’s not a new concept in the UX designing industry. While building the Augment Reality (AR) experience in UX designing has few principles which should follow the UX designers like to Prioritize the Screen Realism, Simple Onboarding, Set the Environment, Subtle clues, and hints with keeping the experiences which are bridging imagination and using real-world objects for visualization.

5. The Emergence of Design Cognizance- Design cognizance is all about enhancing user-centeredness experience. Whether it’s all about how we perceive gender and culture or our perception of various ideas, User Experience (UX) design has been very important. From being digital change-makers to actually play a part in global causes, the new and better design approaches are extending the impact of the designers. It’s also the designers’ part to assist the users in completing the task in the most efficient and innovative way. But, when the user all caught up in the process, it can’t be productive or efficient enough. Instagram’s in-app tracker is the best example of the technique of making the design socially responsible and user healthy.

Technology will always enhance and so will UI and UX design. The game continues from changes to update, and the businesses need to keep up with the latest UX trends to keep their users happy and engaged. But, before selecting any trend or approach, stay mindful of how these trends and newly launched techniques will change User Experience (UX) prospects. From marketing to developing, every industry is somehow associated with the User Experience (UX) design industry. As the new brands looking for ways to stand out like Google using new technology to optimize their existing products, Inventam Tech Solution looks like to set that User Experience (UX) design services will continue to excite in 2020. So, if you want to move with a new approach for the interaction of user and product then contact us. We are the best UI, UX Design Company in Surat, India for the website and mobile application design, including easy search functionality, engaging elements, aesthetic appearance, and seamless interactions.

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