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How Node.js is The Right Choice For Enterprise Software - Inventam Tech Solution

Today, everyone is talking about Node.js and its advantages over the programming world. All other frameworks and languages come with some benefits, but Node.js takes over the development with so many benefits in enterprises. In this blog, we are going to explain why you should choose it, especially for enterprise software. Node.js is the new standard for enterprise applications. Because it’s powerful with having the potential to replace Java. Some enterprise-level company reveals about its successfully using the platform in its operations. And the list is full of giants such as Walmart,......

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The Lifecycle of ReactJs - Initialization, Mounting & Updating Inventam Tech

The lifecycle of ReactJs is a very useful tool that can be used to design a memorable experience on the web. When it comes to creating UI-oriented applications, they are the most robust avenues in the development sector. These apps can also be launched on the web to consume a higher audience. As ReactJs is being updated day-by-day, its core functionality follows a lifecycle route. React JS Components are rising and developing others in a loop form that makes the entire process more efficient and leaner. The lifecycle of ReactJs is divided......

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