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How to Select the Right One Between the Web, Native & Hybrid App for Your Application

When you decide to build an application, so many questions you have to face like technical, designing, marketing, branding as per the business point of view. And the fact is that all of them have an important impact on the success of your application. A single wrong decision about the platform, technology, or application type in the development process can save hundreds of hours of work and exponentially increase the overall costs. And the right decision can speed up your application development process and benefits in the long run. We are writing this blog to guide you about the right selection of the platform when you are planning to develop an application.

What matters while Selecting a Type of Application?

When it comes to select between the Web, Native & Hybrid apps, it matters on many factors. And 2 businesses will answer the same for this question. But, before we get into the deeper that will affect your decision, check out some of the key differentiations first:

1. Right Programming Languages – The programming language should be Switch and Java to web-based technologies with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. The Access of Native Device APIs – Right APIs implies the ability of the application while using the device’s native features and other available APIs.

3. Distribution Method – The distribution method defines the channel from which the application will be findable – app stores or web.

4. Supporting the Multi-Platforms – Multi-Platforms support means that different application types have different capabilities to run on iOS and Android.

Check out some questions that should we know before getting into the deeper of each application types regarding these key specifics:

  • How much faster do you need to develop the Application?
  • What is your Budget for the Development?
  • What features you want to add in the Application?
  • What expertise & experience do you need to build it?
  • What are the options for in-house & outsource development?

The answers to the above following questions will guide you to make a choice between the application types based on their unique features and advantages.

Web apps are known as the website that performs like an app because of its interactivity and functionality. Web apps are performing through the internet in different browsers but cannot be downloaded to a mobile device as native apps can.

The specifications of Web Apps –

  • Technology: Built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, platforms.
  • Distribution Method: Through the Web.
  • Multi-Platform Capability: Same coding across different platforms.
  • Access to Native API: Perform through the browsers but don’t have the access to device’s functionalities.

The above points are a clear description of the benefits to the simplicity of web apps along with some limitations when it comes to the core features and capabilities. Web apps are the opposite side of the spectrum from the native apps.

Advantages of the Web Apps –

  • The development process is quicker with significantly lower costs.
  • Deployment, Distribution, and Updates are easier without the need for an app store.
  • Can be accessible on both platforms. No need to developing separate codebases.
  • No app stores’ approval needed to process the slowdown or prevent the launch.

Disadvantages of the Web Apps –

  • Can not access through the App Stores.
  • The operating speed is slower with less interactive.
  • Can not acciable without an internet connection.
  • Can not perform well on older browsers & devices.
  • Can only appear on the home screen if a user bookmarks them.
  • Native Apps:

Native apps are developed for specific devices in specific programming languages. This means an application developed for iOS won’t exist in the Google Play Store or work on an Android phone.

The specifications of Native Apps –

  • Technology: iOS apps are built-in Objective C or Swift. Android apps are built in Java.
  • Distribution Method: Through the App Stores.
  • Multi-Platform Capability: None – limited to the platform it’s built for.
  • Access to Native API: Native applications have the capability to fully access device features.

The above points are a clear description of the Native Apps that can take full advantage of the device features, such as the camera, the contact list, GPS, and many more. They are performing directly from the platform through built for and offering a genuine native experience.

Advantages of the Native Apps –

  • Offering a fast, responsive, and robust experience with great reliability to the user.
  • Using the least amount of device’s hardware because of efficient coding.
  • Can access native device functionalities to enrich the experience.
  • Using the push notification to increasing the app’s use with encouraging the specific paths and goals.

Disadvantages of the Native Apps –

  • Can reach only a single platform audience and exclude the other one.
  • Demanding across the codebase and app store on two platforms for Maintaining and updating the app.
  • Difficult to provide the same experience with two different applications on two different platforms.
  • Developing an application for two different platforms is extremely costly and time-consuming.
  • You need to hire two developers as many developers specialize in one platform to build and maintain your app.
  • Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid mobile application comes with both advantages of native apps and web apps. They perform like a native app as they are downloadable from an app store and live on your home screen, but they also render in a browser that’s embedded inside the app.

The specifications of Hybrid Apps –

  • Technology: Built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, platform-agnostic.
  • Distribution Method: Through the App Stores.
  • Multi-Platform Capability: Same coding work across different platforms.
  • Access to Native API: Hybrid app can bridge the native SDK and the web view in which the app runs.

The above points are a clear description of the Hybrid apps about how they are brilliant syndication of the best. They are allowing for the same app to be available both through iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Advantages of the Hybrid Apps –

  • Can develop quicker because of using standard web technologies.
  • Can work without the internet and updates easier to make and deploy.
  • Developing a single codebase only requires one team and takes less time and saves resources.
  • Available on both app stores and can leverage them for distribution.

Disadvantages of the Hybrid Apps –

  • Depends on the quality of the web view that displays the UI and runs the JavaScript code.
  • If the devices are faster, the performance gap is greatly reduced.
  • Depends on the user’s device capabilities for the performance.
  • Challenging to achieve some native experiences as the app simultaneously developed for two platforms.

How to Select the Right One?

Now, you have a clear idea about what type of application might suit your needs. In this blog, we answered the questions about vary in cost, time, and resourcing, as well as their abilities to fulfill different business needs. Let’s get into the differences between app types through these key implications.

  • Time to Launching in the Market:

Web apps took the shortest time to develop but the longest for native apps while the hybrid apps usually sit in the middle. The next time factor to market the app between the native and hybrid apps is the app store approval process. So, it’s hard to early in development and optimization to ensure a smooth and quick launch.

  • User Experience & Targeting Audience:

Your targeting audience makes all the difference. Some applications will fulfill their needs better than the others when it comes to your audience’s preferences, context, and pain points. Let’s take an example if your application needs frequent updates and your audience counts on it then the hybrid and web apps will work better than native apps. But if you know better your audience needs like downloading and accessing it offline, then native or hybrid are the right ones.

  • Application’s Features:

The features have a huge role when it comes to developing your application. Some application’s functions may be perfectly performed without relying on native phone features. But, others may be unusable. Knowing what functionalities at this stage will make your decision easy! The next factor is the device’s ability to run the app with all its features and layers or also the future capabilities you may want to add. So, now you can make sure to allow yourself space for growth without restricting yourself because of an app type.

  • Budget Availability:

The budget of the development depends on the programming language we are using. Native applications are costly as they require experienced developers and longer time to develop. The cost will also become double because of two platforms with two different developers. Infect the web applications are good enough to accomplish your app’s aim budget-wise. But if you require stronger performance with the device’s native features without operating the large budget, hybrid applications will serve as the best choice.

Finally, including the most app goals and purposes, hybrid apps are the best option which includes productivity apps, utility apps, and enterprise apps. Hybrid Applications have the main advantage of their user experience like a native app that reducing the development costs compared to native apps with making the maintenance streamlined and straightforward, allowing for your business to scale easier. All three application types carry their own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will make an impact on the course of your growth. This blog will help you to understand your assets and limitations and using them to get the best return in the form of your application. It’s crucial for you to work with the developers that can visualize your idea and bring it to life on your budget, it’s important to work with the knowledgeable and experienced developers team that supports your choice to achieve your application’s full potential. And Inventam Tech Solution is the right choice for you to fulfill your goal.


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