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How to Develop a Cloud-Based SaaS Application: Step by Step Guide

SAAS application development is a challenging process. But, when we are talking about the reward is worth it. Today, the revenue of cloud software is going to reach $278 billion. Why it’s popular among the users and service providers? SaaS is not just handy for a common user. It’s also become a prospective business model with huge profit potential. Today, as the fitting moment to start SaaS application development, offering new SaaS products. In this blog, we’ll dive into the SaaS app development together!

As the software industry is dominated by Software as a Service delivery and pricing model, SaaS is a popular topic in the technology world today. The main advantage of its cloud-based technology of software delivery, where applications can host by SaaS providers remotely with becoming accessible to customers in the form of service. No need to purchase, install, configure, and support in-house hardware and software. Just rent a necessary application & access it via a browser. Don’t pay the app itself, just pay for some certain period like for the permission to use it. Only network connection matters here. Only network connection matters here. So, if you want to build a SaaS application, then SaaS architecture is the right option for your project, continuously read.

What is SaaS Application?

SaaS application is a licensed software that used the software as a service business model. SaaS platform development is cloud software development. Which is an approach to software delivery and maintenance where developers aren’t selling their programs with a lifetime license? The founders should understand that the business development of the product is important with having a higher priority, than technical solutions. These services are hosted in the cloud. Because they don’t need to be physically installed on your computer. Cloud computing gives SaaS solutions a handful of benefits like:

  • Cost Efficiency – No need to buy and maintain the expensive hardware, only pay for the resources of your app uses.
  • Scalability – When the requirements increase, you can easily upgrade your plan in a few clicks. Even also Downgrades are possible.
  • Reliability – The cloud is the network of servers that can be accessed around the world. When one server goes down, your app will still online.
  • Security – Cloud service providers pay close attention to the security to save your data and ensure that the data is stored in a safe place.

How to Develop SaaS Solution?

SaaS application development is like an approach to software development in lots of ways. The differences can seem intimidating to non-experts and non-experienced with the concept of SaaS products. But, when it comes to cloud-based, traditional app development actually has a lot more similarities than differences. The core features and benefits of cloud solutions are no need to download or install software on their devices. And it’s great news for the users who don’t want to pay a high up-front price for the app itself without sacrifice valuable storage space and computing power to run the app. Because behind-the-scenes computation requires a reliable cloud service that can host your SaaS platform and enable convenient access for the users.

You should select a reliable cloud host to build a reliable cloud application. You have to select one with low baseline costs with the ability to scale as your platform with user base expands. AWS(Amazon Web Services) is quite a popular cloud services provider with having a variety of tools for SaaS developers. You can also do your own research after defining the specific needs of your platform. You also have to think of another tool, which is a CDN(Content Delivery Network). It ensures that the users can quickly and easily access your app from anywhere in the world with the servers distributed across the globe. So, when the users try to access your app, then the closest server responds. That’s why CDN ensures a perfect user experience no matter the user’s location.

Offer a Clear and Reliable Service to Your Clients:

The SaaS model always requires a solid and consistent service. Customers want to sign up for subscriptions, but they won’t subscribe to everything. So, the question is how can you tell if the benefit you provide is the right fit for them? Still, confuse? Let’s take an example of where and when SaaS doesn’t work well. I was searching for a simple online converter for proprietary that would get the job done for free. But I found many converters that moved to the SaaS-based model that required me to sign up for a monthly subscription for converting my file. And it’s frustrating. I never sign up for monthly payments for this kind of software, though I would pay a few dollars to use it just once. So, the SaaS business model is best when your app is clear, recurring, monetarily benefits customers, and applies to a wide audience. And the cloud-based approach is most profitable when a product appeals to a large user base.

Complete the Market Research and Defining your Competitors:

Most of developers and application owners get swept up in the SaaS hype. They forget to validate their project idea by looking at the best sources of the competition. If your competitors do not adopt a SaaS model, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad option. You just need to make sure that your consumer base is willing to sign up for a subscription, not investing in your product upfront. If your web app follows a traditional delivery model, then their benefits will have to exceed those offered by your competitors. We know that market research is crucial for any business, but when you look at your competitors, don’t consider what they’re doing right, also what they’re doing wrong. Find out the gaps in services or features which your platform could fulfill to provide value and win over customers.

Choose the Right Technology Stack:

Choosing the right technology stack is like choosing the building materials for your home. Your technology stack should be what’s used to build and run your web app. So, first of all, you need several tools for developing the components of your platform. HTML, CSS, JavaScript(Angular, React, Vue.js) are famous platforms. For server-side development, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript (Node.js) are well-known programming languages. For SaaS product, MySQL, PostgreSQL is the right database for back-end data storage. In the last, you have to select a server like Nginx & Apache for your application. All the options are best with recommended cases, that’s why it’s not easy to estimate your platform’s scalability, potential profits, and start-up costs before selecting.

Select Your Pricing Strategy:

The pricing strategy of your platform can make or break your web app. The SaaS model has emerged in several successful pricing strategies. For example, your smartphone has some free installed apps. These free apps offer a certain set of core features for free while the features cast a wide net and appeal to the widest possible audience. The app developer makes money by converting free users to paid users by offering an advanced set of features on one time or monthly basis. It’s a great way to attract customers to a new product in a competitive environment. If you are targeting a niche customer base, it can be a better idea to offer a low subscription price for core features.

Find the SaaS App Developer:

In today’s rapidly changing digital ecosystem, building a cloud application is not like to complete it and forget it. And if we are talking about the SaaS platform, it’s core benefits are constant updates, feature integrations, and supportive. So, if your business including you are not prepared for making long-term product development and maintenance, then it’s a good idea to hire an experienced team of SaaS developers. Outsourcing companies are able to offer industry insights and advice tailored to your business needs. Inventam Tech Solution is the best SaaS application development company in Surat, India. It is a popular software development company in Surat which is capable to serve you all the SaaS related solutions with cloud-based SaaS application development.

Cloud-based applications aren’t the solution but a great idea for every business. Still, the SaaS model has just been developed and quickly grown in popularity because of its benefits which offer developers and end-users. Do you wish to develop a SaaS product? Inventam Tech Solution is the best SAAS application development company in Surat, India which removes significant financial risks of expensive software and provides the right SaaS solution with significant time to our clients with the most suitable option suited to them. If you would like to advise based on your industry and needs, We can help!

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