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API Development

Massive RESTful API Design Guideline to Make Your Users Happy - Inventam Tech Solution

Web development services have existed for as long as the HTTP protocol around the world. But after cloud computing, web services have become a common way of letting clients interact with the database. We have been working on projects involving either building or using APIs for the last 4 years. While most of the APIs have seen claimed to be RESTful with the principles and constraints of REST architecture. The standardized API design starts with an internal exercise to make sure that the designing, developing, and testing APIs are on the same......

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Digital Innovation Solution with API Development - Inventam Tech Solution

The majority of developed applications for mobile devices retrieve their data through an application programming interface (API). In this blog, we are going to define an API as a concept in computer programming where a set of services, tooling, and protocols make data accessible to applications. The importance of APIs for businesses means to develop a plan for proper API development, which is not optional, it’s crucial. The APIs that have the most value and use for the enterprise are less like sets of code and more like curated products, catering to......

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