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2020’s Key Trends in Full Stack Development

2020 has a lot of surprises for the IT industry and expected growth of 8.3% in enterprise web, software, and the mobile development sector. In 2020, over 22% growth is expected in cloud software products business. The reason behind the software industry depends on the innovations introduced in the software development field. Every year, updates and improvements in web, software, and mobile development technologies are creating new trends. It has never been an exciting time for developers to build modern web, software, and mobile applications that have a modern backend infrastructure serving more clients over the industry. With this interesting start, we are going to aware of the top trends in full-stack development in this blog, which needs the attention of all the business sectors.

Full-stack development is one of the fields in this world of digitization where the web, software and mobile development is not anymore confined to the realm of pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front-end, and PHP on the back-end. There is the trend of new languages, web frameworks, and tools to choose for any software, web, and mobile application development. The software engineer works with the combination of front-end and back-end development, i.e. Development of computer programs, databases, creating GUIs for clients, and interacting with the web, software, and mobile application. This blog is specifically for the readers who are looking for new trends that would hit the market in web, software, and mobile development. Below are some major trends in full-stack development:

1) Low Code Development: Low code development technology is best to help the clients to understand their projects in better ways and also allow them to make customizations on their own side. Maybe this advantage, not work for the companies that require complex and structured solutions. But, it’s also a crucial aid for companies that seek digital transformation too. Before deciding to get into the business, it should be known that even in 2020, such a practice would only benefit the normal commercial industry. So, in this scenario where companies require complex and structured solutions, a low code development practice simply would not work.

2) Artificial Intelligence: Today, artificial intelligence is not very complicated to understand for a layman. In fact, the companies that offer services and automatic learning solutions are booming and more and more companies are changing towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a necessity. Because every person has some idea about this technology. It helps to spontaneously perform tasks and increase business in developing the software that thinks intelligently like a human. It also reached the medical field such as health care, which has expanded the scope of the constant experiments of the developers.

3) Language Trends: The popularity of JavaScript is due to its great adaptability to hybrid applications, that’s why mostly full-stack developers use Javascript to program the applications and software too. It’s vital to select the correct language that avoids every kind of repercussion in the later stage. Lots of surveys informed us about the popularity of different languages. Based upon the survey of generally used frameworks and programming languages like Node.js obtained 49.9% and Angular obtained 39.6%. Also, other frameworks and popular languages are React, .NET, and spring, etc.

4) IoT: The development of IoT applications are trending in the development of software that has its effects extended both at the consumer and industrial levels. As per the PWC, 90% of the cars will be IoT enabled this time in 2020. With the advantages of its connectivity and controls, the expectation to provide greater performance in the fields of transportation, logistics, and supply chains is on the mark. The calculations of the former Cisco researcher give an idea of the scope of the IoT over time. “More than 127 new devices are connected to the Internet every second!”

5) Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology has predictably increased from 2016 to 2020. With the advantages of Decentralized, Distributed, Secure, Fast, Transparent, and Immutable, It is all in one technology that has the potential of Healthcare, Banking Transactions like money transfer through the creation of a single accounting book for different parties and much more. As per the growing opportunities in these fields have made this technology more companies extend their business in the blockchain development services.

6) Progressive Web Applications: Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are different from other mobile applications that we are using. They work on a script called service worker based and it is an integral part of them. You can take it as a hybrid of web and mobile applications. Like faster load time, capable of running offline, better engagement, boosted searchability and accessibility, push notifications, larger profits with higher conversion rates, and maintaining. In recent years, many mobile application development companies have focused on this technology.

7) IT Outsourcing: The global outsourcing market is increasing every year as per the survey, IT industry also has so many subcontracting projects, that’s why business owners prefer to outsource to developers instead of hiring internal developers. From the development of the health care software of financial software, the requirements of software developers increasing every year. Especially full stack developers to analyze and optimize their software needs.

So, these are some amazing full stack development trends of 2020 which profited so many businesses. Now, you got a very clear idea about the constant research and development that is taking place in the software industry. The recent web applications have brought new vigor to the role of full stake developers. The Full-stack developer is well versed with several technologies and can use any technology in demand. There is no doubt Full-stack developers will win the race in the long run and helps business owners to sustain a good and long-term relationship with their existing customers too. The demand for full-stack developers will continue to increase in the next years for web, software, and mobile development with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and javascript language. Are you looking for developing your idea into reality with us? Hire full stack developers from Inventam Tech Solution with full of advanced knowledge of several industries. Our dedicated full stack developers guaranteed implemented over 90+ projects with having 5+ years’ experience.

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